Saturday, February 13, 2010

One-sided Love

I don't think my heart knows,
how to let you go,
I don't think that you can see,
The one that's loving you all this time is me.

Though I could see that you are saving your heart for someone else,
Though I know the only one hurting is me,
My heart doesn't want anyone else,
Beside you is the only place I ever want to be.

I don't think I can hold it any longer,
This one-sided love is leaving scars on my heart,
I can feel the wounds bleeding inside me,
Nothing is more painful than this.

If only you could love me,
I think I can make you happy,
But I know that it's a lie,
Because I'm not the one you love.

Please see me more than just a friend,
Let me be the one to hold your heart,
Let me be the one to be by your side,
Please give your love to only me.

Note; Mse aku tulis ni, dlm kepala aku, laki yg luahkn prasaan die
bkn pmpuan.


Diaries said...

ceh farah...bgus la poem awk..
hurmmm..awk tujukn kat sape laki tu??
kte kenal ke??haha

hurmmm..kte hrp kte dpt tulis songs lagi...kte xde inspirasi ni...kte perlukan sesangat nih....

somebody help me!!!!!!!!


Diaries said...

Aku dpt inspirasi drp Bof ost. Skrg ni aku ske wat pom dr perspektif seorg laki bkn diri sndiri sbb kalo nk diri sndiri kne la dpt rse prasaan 2 an. Cmne nk wat love poem kalo bkn in love. Aku wat poem ni knonnye ade laki ni ade prasaan 2.



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