Monday, February 1, 2010

Is It Because of Love?

Ok (why do I always start my post with "ok"?). Aku bru bce
blog "Amigas". Seriously, What's with all this crying?
Were u guys by any chance, crying becauseof love? 
R u guys in love with someone but too scared to admit it?
Well, I guess I haven't cried because of a guy I'm in love with 
for a long time now.
Yeah, it's true that I still think about him but 
it's not exactly the way it used to be.
I think about him but I wish I'd meet another 
who is WAY better than hin who likes me
n I'd like to show the guy to him.
It would be like REVENGE for
breaking my fragile heart.
So evil of me.
But it's just a thought.
It would be nice if it could happen though.
But revenge is bad.
You'll probably end up hurting yourself.

Anyway, were u guys REALLY crying because u were hurt by love?
Maybe not. 
But it kinda sounded as if u were.
If u were, well, don't worry because time will heal all wounds.
Maybe. Hehe~
You know, even though my feelings for him feels like they're fading away.
I can't help but feel hurt when his name is mentioned.
Why is that?
Am I not completely over him yet?
Why did I even like the guy in the first place?
Sheesh.. Love really IS blind.
But it kinda sucks isn't it? 
The fact that love makes people crazy and apparently stupid?
The fact that people can really die without love?
Yeah, they could live with a broken heart but it's not
really living is it?
Not really when a part of u is dead inside.
Yeah, I can be deep.
But mainly (maybe) because I've been in love.
Was it really love?
Or was it just a crush?
Well, it definitely felt different than any of the crushes I've had before.
Or was it an OBSESSION?
That's just crazy.

Whatever it may be.
The fact is I had feelings for this guy
And maybe I still do but now
I'm waiting for the right guy to mend my broken heart.
Whatever, Farah!


I could.. Couldn't I? 


sarahahaha said...

cinta tu kan luas...
tak semestinya bila sebut cinta,
mesti kaitan dgn lelaki.
sama juga mcm menangis kerana cinta.
bkn sumenya sbb lelaki.

anisss said...

x semua bnda kat dunia ni msti slalu dikaitkan dgn cinta
terutama utk laki
"ok aku rase aku pnah guna ayt ni"

Diaries said...

Mmgla.. Tp korang ckp 2 mcm la nangis sbb cnta. Terus terang je la.. Kn aku ckp
'u guys make it sound like ur crying because of love".. Make it CLEAR pls..


bellalala said...

memg sbb cinta n
kps parents
kpd family

syazaza ;] said...

diorg suka sgt buat ayat puitis.. berteka teki... org yg xtau pape.. mmg akan clueless... sbb diorg x menceritakan keadaan sebenar~

tp aku setuju dgn nabila.
Aku dulu slalu gak menangis.. tp aku tahu sbb sebenar aku menangis.. korang yg lain menangis tu... pastu kan sbb sebenar korang menangis so that korang boleh fight bad perasaan 2. whatever it is..

Diaries said...

Pastukn? ke pstikn? whatever ah



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