Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye My Love

I knew this day would come,
The time we say goodbye,
And go our separate ways,
I thought that I'd be ready for it,
But tears kept flowing when the time to part drew near.

I always thought that you were an angel sent by God,
Because you changed me,
You thought me how to love,
How to fly,
How to see with my heart.

It is not that we were not right for each other,
It's just that our path weren't meant to meet,
Perhaps you were meant to love another,
Perhaps our destinies were not each other,
Perhaps my heart wasn't meant to love you forever.

I hope that you will be happy,
Even though I will not be part of your happiness,
I pray that the person you love,
Will love you more than I did,
And you will love her more than you loved me.

But before we walk on our own paths,
Promise me that you will never forget,
The days we spent together,
The promises that we made to each other,
But most importantly, me.

Promise me that you will be happy,
Because I couldn't make you happy,
Promise me that you will protect yourself,
Because I couldn't protect you,
Promise me that you will live a good life,
Because I couldn't live longer for you.
I'm sorry...
And goodbye my love...

Note: Tiba2 je aku nangis lak tlis ni. Pdehal aku x prnh experience pun ni.
Tiba2 ade inspirasi lak. Tp x rhyme sg ah.
Poem. kalo x rhyme pun bole kn?
Aku prnh bce poem x rhyme.


Diaries said...

asal kte cm memahami mksd tersirat dia??? hurmm...

nice poem......



Diaries said...

love ur poem!! sedih++++++... huhuhu.. ini la hidup.. always say goodbye!! always?? haha..



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