Saturday, January 9, 2010


   Note: Korang x kisah kn kalo aku tlis dlm bi post aku? Leh improve bi aku. Hehe..

     What's the difference between love and crushes? Some people may mistaken them for the same thing while some may not. Are they really the same thing? Though their "symptoms" are similar, they are actually different from each other. Or are they? Hahaha... Crushes usually don"t last long whereas love always last longer.
      I remember my first crush. I was in standard one (7 years old). I had a crush on a boy in my class. His name was Endra Kirana. Hahaha.. After all these years I still remember his name. I also remember how he looked like back then. He was short and cute. He had fair skin and spiky hairdo. I think his older brother did his hairdo because I saw him (Endra's older brother) wearing the same hairdo. Haha.. Endra and I were in the same class 'till we were in standard three. When we were in standard three our class teacher made us sit next to each other. We fought a lot. Hahaha... I guessed that must have meant he liked me too since he liked tease me alot back then. You know how little boys are when they like a girl. Haha..
     I stopped liking him when I moved to Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. When I moved here I sort of had a crush on my neighbor, Syamil. When I was in standard 6 I was in the same class with him. I remember when I got in trouble with my english teacher, Pn. Zainab for not paying attention in class. I saw Syamil smilling. Urgh! He must have found it amusing. How embarassing! He was friends with my little brother so he used to come to my house a lot even when I was still sleeping in the morning. My bedroom's door was always open so he must have seen me sleeping. Aaaaaah!
      He moved away when his parents got a divorce. I actually saw the scene where his parents argued outside the house. It was awful that it happened. I haven't seen him in a while now. I had a few (or more) crushes after that but it would take a long time to write about all of them so goodbye for now!


nurul hidayah said...

sdp tol ek nme first crush person awak tu...hehe..

Diaries said...

Ohh.. Endra Kirana ek? haha.. Ha"ah.


Diaries said...

syamil jgn amik la..
kte kenal dia dari drjh lima laa..
huhu...joke2..amik la...
kte n dia kwn giler kwn ngn
dia...dia slalu buat gosip kat sek agama..haha..


Diaries said...

Sape nk amik Syamil 2? 2 kisah lme la woi!!!



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