Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Will Never Forget Your Promise

This is not a sad story..
(tbe2 pulak intro drama CSWK)
(bdk2 2C taw la pe yg dimaksudkan)
This is a tragic tale of a cute and sweet girl (mk aihh.. prasan gler) who 
asked her twin brother to buy her an ice-cream..
Umm.. two, actually..

But her twin brother has not yet kept his promise..
ehem... Ahmed Whisz Qu'urnein Bin Roslan (nme btoi ka?)

And thus began her plan to seek revenge!!!!
Buahahaah.. Uhuk.. ehem..

But that cute and sweet sister whom her twin brother did not keep his promise to
decided to not proceed with her plan.
Because she trusts her twin brother will buy her not only two  matkool ice-creams
(chocolate chip ice-cream la, bro.. bru best.. kikiki) but an ice-cream cake as well..
I am such an evil twin sister..

Btw, Whisz Qu'urnein is not really my twin brother..
We just call each other twin because we both have the same birthdays..
It's on the 24th of September..
And in the same year too.. 1992..

Hoi, Whisz mne ice-cream aku?
Just playin' with ya!

ps: Whisz, eskem pe aku kne blnja ko? 


anati said...

ice cream!!!
sedap kot!!
urrrrggghhh!! jeles3!! nk gak ice cream...muahahaha!!

just kidding je la...hehe ;))

whisz said...

urgghh.. cake ice cream? -_-"

farah said...

yay!!! whisz, cake eskem satu slice!!! heheheh

Anonymous said...

mak aih demanding -.-

farah said...

nash: mstila babe.. kuakuakua...


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