Wednesday, June 1, 2011

25th of Mei

Okay, dear readers...
To be honest I went to the interview on 25th of Mei..
Yep.. It happened a long time ago and I didn't
even post about it.
I was so down and depressed about the interview that I thought about not
actually posting an entry about it.
But then so many of you guys kept leaving comments wishing me luck
and you don't even know..
It's very sweet of you guys to wish
luck to a complete stranger..
Thank you so much for your support..

I know what you guys are thinking..
How did the interview went..
One word..
The interview didn't seem satisfied with my answers at all!!
Well, I, myself, am not satisfied with my answers..
Yep.. I got nervous..
Darn it!
Oh well, if I didn't pass then I'll just have to think of another way.

Pray for me..


Fara Aisyah said...

don't worry :)
insya Allah everything's gonna be fine, amin!

farah said...

amin.. wah!!! thanks fara..

adibahhh said...

sekrang ni awk bnykkn berdoa okey?
InsyaAllah everything is gonna be fine my dear!

farah said...

wuwuwuwuw... amin


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