Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going Back

I'm going back to work tomorrow..
But I don't feel like going back..
I want to stay home..
It's not that I hate the kids..
The kids have never make me hate my job..
It's this teacher..
She just makes me feel like I don't want to work there anymore..
She always finds my mistake..
And me?
Well, I find it maybe kinda stressful..
I guess..

When I think about not wanting to go back.. I think about the kids..
I like them very much..
I just wish I enjoy working there more..
I do enjoy teaching and talking to the kids..
It's just I always get scared if I make mistakes and make the other teachers hate me..
Furthermore, There's no one there my age that I can actually talk to
and have conversations with..
Oh well, better just go back to work..
The kids can make it all better..


syahidahfouat said...

be strong ! I know you can do it :)

fns/fatin/froggie said...

ignore that person!
the kids like you kaannn :)

Faiz Rozlan said...

sabar..aku paham keadaan kau..:)

farah said...

sbb bdk2 tu la keje aku tu ok skit.. kalo xde bdk2 tu mybe aku x ske kot keje 2.. just maybe.. oh.. n teacher sorg tu bkn la teruk sgt pun.. just aku feel pressure kot dgn die.. cm tkot aku wat salah ke ape.. die cme guide aku.. 2 aku taw.. hahah.. aku xnk la korg pk die lyn aku teruk pulak.. hehehe.. but thanks 4 the support!

pRiNCe said...

prince dtg melawat ye..entry yang bagus...huhu..:).. nak datang selalu boley ??

farah said...

ooohhh.. bole2.. hahah


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