Monday, June 13, 2011

I Wub You

Hey, guys..
I just want to get something straight..
It's about the teacher that I told you guys about in my previous entry..
The one who made me feel like I don't feel like working at Haven Learning Centre..
Well, I don't want you guys to think that she's a horrible person or anything..
She's not really like that.
She's just trying to guide me with my work..
That I know..
But I just don't like how it made me feel a bit stressful and scared to go to work..
Afraid of making mistakes and stuff..
The thing about me is..
I care too much of what other people think of me..
So maybe I don't want to make mistakes and make the 
other teachers think I'm doing my job properly.
So that's probably why I don't feel like working there anymore
but I do love the kids..
I love talking to them..
Today, I dreaded going back to work..
But when I got there and saw my little brats (haha!), I smiled..
I guess I have to keep working there for those little brats, huh?
Well, at least there's still a reason for me to like my job, right?
Thanks to my little angles/brat..
I love you guys..


Scya Lollita said...

sabar ye (:
myb the teacher didnt mean it (:

farah said...

hehe.. teacher tu ok la jugak sbb die nk tlong tp mybe die wat sye rse pressure skit.. huahuahua.. tp die okla.. nk tlong.. drpd x tlong lg la ssh.. so sye xleh la blame die ke ap enn.. xnk la kata die terok ke ape.. die baik la tu nk tlong.. mybe yela.. die enn garang.. sape x rse pressure dgn teacher garang ennn.. hahaha

kokser kokdam said...

marah sayang tu..


farah said...

haha.. mrh2 syg ye? hehe

Anonymous said...

being a teacher is all about a journey of educating...along the way u might encounters all sorts of uneasy situation which creates stressful impact in yr point is that do not let it became a stress for u , but take it as part of making u a better educator ...coz ...if there're no mistakes in yr means u r learning anything...

Anonymous said...

typing error.....u are not learning anything.....from ibu


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