Saturday, June 18, 2011

When I'm Not Here Anymore

Hellooooo my dear and beloved reader!!
You guys know that I'm currently working at Haven Learning, right?
The kindergarten for mostly rich kids..
Well, most of the kids must have rich daddies because the monthly fees is not that
and their daddies' cars doesn't seem cheap either..
Once, Emeil's dad had to pay the fee and for that month it costed Rm660,
I think.
(maybe he was paying for the books as well and other things.. I think)
And he took out the cash out of his wallet and just gave it to Teacher Mani
and I was like Whoa!! How much money does he have in his wallet?
How much does does he put in his wallet everyday when he goes out?
Then I know.. These kids
daddies must be damn rich!!

Aaaaaaanywayyyy, I want to tell you guys about the conversation I had with
my afternoon students.. 
(Emeil Esmenn 5 years old, Sarah Fatihah 6 years old and Damia Amalin 6 years old)
I was telling them that I won't be there to teach them anymore
(cuz I'm gonna quit in August)

Me: nnt teacher dh xde kt sni.. Klo teacher xde ske x?
Damia: Ske! (pk blik) eh2, x ske! hahahah!! (gelak2)
Me: Kalo teacher xde.. kalo Teacher Mani ajr cmne? Teacher Mani garang..
Nk x Teacher Mani ajr?
Damia: (Geleng2 kepala) xnk!
Me: Teacher Farah Garang x?
Damia: Tak!
Me: Teacher Farah garang x, emeil?
Emeil: Tak!

So that's what they think..
They don't think I'm "garang".
Well, they haven't seen me teach the my morning students..
I don't scold my afternoon students as much as my morning students.
Most of my morning students are slow learners so I have to be extra "garang".
Sorry kids.. 
But remember what I said..
"teacher marah sbb teacher syg.. Teacher nk korang pandai.."

So that was my conversation with my students..
How dare they say I'm not "garang"..

When I leave, will they miss me?
I hope you kids learn something from me while I'm here and
I hope you kids love me as your teacher..

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