Friday, June 17, 2011

Beautiful "Girl"

Cute kid, huh?
Guess whether this kid is a boy or a girl?
A girl, you say?
Well, "she" is a pretty girl, isn't she?
Well "she" is not really a she at all.
In fact, "she" is a he!
Yep. This kid is in fact a boy who looks like a girl.
A flower boy.
 His name is Emeil Esmenn.
With a name like that who could guess he's a boy?

The name sounded like a girls name.
Even I thought he was a girl at first.
Although I did have my doubts.
I did wonder if this kid is a girl or a boy 
because the way he talks and his attitude, he seemed like a boy
but he looks like a girl
with such a pretty face and long hair
so I assumed that he's a girl with an attitude of a boy.
In other word, a tomboy.

But one day, Zhi Jie, a 4 year old chinese boy at Haven Learning
called Emeil, "koko" (older brother).
So I was like "Are you a boy or a girl?"
and Emeil said " I'm a boy".
And that, my beloved readers is how I discovered my five year olds student
whom I thought was a girl is actually a boy.
Go figure..
(ntah btol idak aku gne ayt "go figure" ni.. main gne je.. sesuai ke x ntah dgn ayt)

This kid is cute and really pretty.
He's so beautiful.
If you see him in person, You will see how pretty he is..
He's way prettier in person than in pictures.
Wayyyy prettier.
He's just too pretty!
He's more beautiful than a beautiful girl..
and he's a boy!!!
Guys might even be attracted by his beauty if he
still looks like a girl and still has long flowing black hair when he's older..
Imagine another boy has a crush on Emeil because he thought that he was a girl.
Then when that boy found out the truth.. it'd be like..

Emeil is my student (afternoon session).
He couldn't come in the morning because he can't wake up early in the morning.
He always sleeps late, that's why.
He's like me..
I hate waking up early in the morning but I love to sleep late at night.

Emeil has a really short concentration span.
Just like me!
He gets distracted so easily..
But he's a bit more focused when it comes to colouring..
He said that he likes colouring..
A future artist maybe?

This kid is really active..
He doesn't like to learn.
(another thing that we have in common)
He told me that he doesn't like learning.
He likes school holidays.
Hey, just like me!
Like teacher like student..

But He's quite smart.
He's not too slow at learning and he understands quickly.
That's good.
If only he loved learning a little more...

Looking after you can be tiring..
I have to call your name every minute to tell you to sit down and do your work..
But you're still my pretty little brat angel..


Anonymous said...

kau tak habis-habis cerita pasal budak ni kan?
nasib comel haha

farah said...

hehehe.. tu la psl kn.. bdk ni trlalu cntik weyyyy.. potensi pminat rmsi mse remaja.. kalo die xde jerawat mse bsr la kot.. hahahah

asmira ramlan said...


weh, sebijik macam hero bongsu aku! mati2 aku ingat aku salah dengar bila papa dia ckp dia lelaki. rupa2nya memang lelaki!

rmbut paras pinggang tuh~aku pon tak mampu...!

tapi dia memang adorable. serious, tak tipu. mamang comel..!

fns/fatin/froggie said...

flower boy,
you have to cut your hair dear,
nak nombor kak fns tak?

farah said...

asmira: paras pinggang? fuyoo!! mk aih.. pnjg gler.. x pns ke? hahah

fenes: hahah.. agk2 lg bpe thun ko leh dating ngan bdk ni... kah3

yayahidayah said...

kecik2 muka comel cam ggirl...
dah besar nnt mesti muka cam jambu...
hikhikhiii... <3

farah said...

yayahidayah: kannn... kalo jmbu ala ala korea tu mstla rmai pminat mntak nombor phone ni.. hahhahaha


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