Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Energy Saving Mode

    People, just because I like to sleep a lot, it doesn't mean I'm lazy. I'm just on energy saving mode. Don't believe me. Saving energy for what? Of course, for important things like studying, doing house chores, etc. Let me translate that. Studying and doing house chores actually mean sleeping and watching tv. Both needs energy. Kekekeke. So if anyone tells you that you're lazy because you like to sleep a lot, don't let it bring you down because apparently, sleeping does needs energy and using your energy to do something means that you're not lazy. Conclusion: you are not lazy. Actually, the more you sleep, the more hard-working you are. Hahahaha!!! I'm just being ridiculous. You're probably wondering what my point is and what the hell am I going on about.

     Sleep is a need! It's a NEED, people!!! (so, please let me have my sleep). We need sleep to rest. Yes, we need rest. We're only humans. When we sleep we're on energy saving mode. Jyeahhh~ So for those who like to sleep a lot, you can tell you're mom that you're not wasting you're energy sleeping.. you're actually saving your energy.. BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I'm teaching you people nonsense, huh? Hahahah!!! Poisoning our generation's minds with things like these.. Ahahahah!!! Oh, whatever. I know most of you probably like to sleep a lot too so don't complain.. (who's complaining, Farah? No one's complaining..)

      Aaaaanyway, I want to write about one of my favourite thing (hehehehe) in this entry which is... yes, you guessed it.. It's SLEEP!!! Booyaahhh!! (tringat sape ek? hehehe) I like sleeping.. Well, who doesn't? I like to sleep late and wwake up late.. Muahahah!!! I hate waking up early in the morning.. Of course I have to wake up and pray... Then I go back to sleep but I can only do that during the holidays... Waaaaa!!!!! I can be really cranky in the morning and if I don't get enough sleep.. So if you see me early in the morning and I look like someone you don't want to mess with, well, you better don't then. I can be scary. I think.

      Sometimes, I don't get enough sleep because, I just can't seem to put my mind at rest.. I just can't sleep.. I'm not sure if I did sleep sometimes because it did't feel like I did. It's like my eyes are closed but my mind is still aware of my surroundings. It's like I didn't even fell asleep. Is that insomnia? Is it? Hmmm... And one of the things I hate when I try to sleep is that when I want to sleep.. I just can't sleep but when I'm doing something, I feel sleepy.. Really, really, really sleepy. That's why I always fell asleep in class. I can't take it.



"Whoa! How long was I out?"

 One time, while I was sleeping during Malaysian Studies Class, this happened.

phone vibrated.
One message.


So I woke up.
Then another message.
"Tido la blik"

again CISSSSS!!!!

To the person who sent me those messages..
Thank you so much for waking me up..
and then telling me to go back to sleep..
FYI, I wasn't angry at you.
Heeeee :)

      Another thing that I hate when I'm sleeping is that when I'm in dreamland and I had an awesome dream.. The dream didn't even have an ending yet and then ooopppss!!! I woke up. WHAAAAAATTTTTT?????
Like seriously???? (pnjam ayt seseorg) I hate it when that happens. Come on! I actually get to dream what I've always wanted in real life and I can't even get to finish my dream.. Perghhh!! What's the point of dreaming if you have to wake up half way? *sigh* Story of my life. (on depressed mode).

        Urggghhh!!! I hate it when this happens- when I wake up and realise it was only a dream.. Whhhyyyyy???? I want it to be real... WAAAAAAA!!!! Oh, why must it only be a dream? (again on depressed mode)

        Even though there are some things I hate about sleeping but I will always be "Sleeping Beauty". Ehemmm.... Prasan je lbih minah ni. Conclusion: People who likes to sleep are not lazy. They're just on saving energy mode. It's nonsense, really. Don't believe me. :)

Ps: I'm soooooooo hungry. Somebody, please feed me.. Hahahahah!!! Pegi la msk!! Pemalas!!!
      Can't. Saving energy. (pnyepak skit) Hehehehe...

       Sape leh blanje pizza? hehehehe..

Nmpk cm sdp tp nmpk cm x halal pulak...


K bye!
Thanks for reading!



Nadia Mok2 said...

SO TRUE!! haha! aku taw spa yg anta msg suwoh bgn 2.. hehehheheheh

Anonymous said...

pelik sngat dah kau ni.
aku tak kira,
siapa sebilik dengan aku, jangan harap nak bangun pukul 11, 12.
I won't let you :P

farah said...

nadia: ko la yg memahami keprluan tido aku ni.. hahahha..

nash: aloooo.. xkn sbtu ahd pun kne bngun pg.. x best la... mau tido..

Red said...

Tido!! HAHA. You wasn't angry at me right.?

farah said...

hahah.. n why would I be angry at you? heee

fara feroza said...

tido adalah perkara paling best dinikmati..hahaha..:)...tetambah bila bangun tanpa di kejut... best2..:)


farah said...

tambah lg.. ble tdo mse hujan.. fuhhh.. sedap gler..


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