Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I want a son!

Yes. When I get married and have children, I want a son first.. mainly because I like cute little boys more than cute little girls. Don't worry, people. I'm not a pedo. I just think boys are cuter than girls. Muahahaha!!
 But of course, that doesn't mean I don't like little girls. I have girl students that I really like. Natalie for example. Hehehe. She's cute especially when she's dancing. I just saw her dancing to Jenifer Lopez's "On The Floor" and that popular song people just love to put in their blogs, "Price Tag" today. She just shook her hips and body but she's so damn cute!!! Hahaha!! My little Natalie and her cuteness..

 I should have a daughter like Natalie. Always telling me stories with no ending and telling me I'm pretty. Yep. Please let me have a daughter like this one day. Hahaha!! But the thing is with daughters is that, they're all cute and lovable when they're little but when they become a teenager, they annoy you and start to rebel. I know because.. well, I was like that to.. and probably still am.

Back to the point, I really want first born child to be a boy. Heee.. then when he'll be a big brother and protect his little brothers and sisters. I won't have to worry about the little ones if I teach him to be a good big brother. If I have a son, I want to teach him to be a responsible man. To be a gentleman and to protect all women. Wah!! Would't it be great if my son became all women's dream man? hahahaha!! Yeah.. I want to raise my son to be like that. Too much? heeee..

One thing for sure. I will never want my son to turn to be one of those jerks who does nothing but make a trash out of their lives.. Urgh! Those kind of people disgust me. If my future son ever turn out to be like that...
then someone please kill me then. Shoot me.. Hang me.. Stab me or whatever.. Because watching my son become like that has already killed me inside.. (over reacting much?)

Enough with the drama.. If I ever had a son, I want him to be a good man. A man I can be proud of.

Anyway, I have already found my dream son. Hahahah!! I like this kid mainly because he's cute.. Wahahhaha!!!
He's my number one favourite student. He doesn't talk much but when he does.. he's just cute with his expressionless face.. hahaha.. He's only four years old and already he has that play-hard-to-get attitude. The girls are going to crazy for this kid. He also has a killer smile. But too bad that you also bite the girls that gets in your way. Like last time you bit Erina's hand when she took the toy that you were playing.. and I told your grandma about it and you got mad at me. Then when I asked whether you like me or not after what happened you just shook your head. You broke my heart that day, Reza.. How could you? But then Last Friday as I was playing wit Erina, you just watched from a far with that cute, expressionless face of yours and then you came and joined us. I asked you again whether you like me or not. Only then you nod your head.
Hmmmph!!! You were mad at me because I told your grandma on you. didn't you? Kids these days.. They are so rebellious. It's a good thing that you're cute and that you're still just four years old, Reza. Hahaha!

The son I never had... 

Message to my future son:

Dear son,
I don't know whether I'm going to have a son or not in the future but I hope I will and that son would be you.
I hope that you'd be an extremely cute son.. (mntak lbih2 ni) Heheheh.. Hey, mommy's gotta have a cute son, ok. Hahaha! I just hope that I could be a good mother to you and raise you right enough to the person I wanted you to be and the person you want yourself to be that is a good person. No son of mind wants to be a bad person, ok? Also, my son.. Remember, as you grow up you're going to make a lot of mistakes along the way.. and I mean a lot.. Because I did. So you should always remember to learn from those mistakes and never repeat them again. And when you fell in love for the first time.. bear in mind that it might not last forever. 
And you're going to get your heart broken many times until you meet the right person.. That special someone whose going to love you for the rest of her life. Don't rush to find love because love will find you. Wait, my son, and be patient.. Because good things happen to those who wait. And son, as you journey your beautiful and wonderful life.. know that the road can be difficult sometimes. You might hit rock bottom but if I were to ever raise you right, I know you will get back on your feet. Reach for your dreams and live a good life.

Your mother.

Pergghhhhh!!!! ayt x leh blaaaa der...

P.s: Somebody please buy me this dress.. Puh-lease!!!!!

I want it!!!


asmira ramlan said...

i have three adorable sons. i dont prefer to use stepsons because i love them as my own.

trust me, even though they are 'not mine', but i love them a lot. i mean, a lot. if i don't see them in a week, i'll start to ask the future husband. i wanna see them, i wanna hug them like i always do.

it's lovable to have them around. love them as my own :)

farah said...

ooooohh... how old are they? waaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

gedik. sama macam munir. haha

wehhh, aku baru perasan,
kau dah tukar cara kau post.
siap selit gambar lawa-lawa lagi ^^

farah said...

h'ah.. sbb dh ade tumblr pnye psl.. Wahahaha!!!! thank u tumblr

adibahhh said...

farah!! kte ske cara awk tulis blog!!! best gilaaaa!

farah said...

hmmmm? cre kte mcm mne yg best?

Sr. Maryam Fatanah said...

hahahha..i love ur post..i nk anak kembar bila dh kawen nnt..cewah !

farah said...

fuh, ank kmbar x ssh ke? dhla sorg dh kuar.. nk kne kuar lg.. skit.. hahhah

Alina said...

I feel the same too! I always wanted a little boy first, followed by two little girls and then lastly a baby boy for last..however I have three daughters and I can't imagine life any other way. There are times where I pine for a boy, but it's not all of an issue, I love my little girls with all my heart.


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