Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Lovely Natalie

"Once upon a time, there was a little Teacher Farah.. is pretty!"

"And then what happened?"

"She buy cake. The end"

Whatttt?? Just like that? I didn't even get to eat the cake, Natalie.. 
What a cruel story..
Yes.. This was one of the conversations that I had with little Natalie.
She likes to make up stories about me
but all of her stories starts the same way and most of them don't even have the ending.
Just the intro.
But it's still sweet.

Natalie is my five year old student.
She's Chinese..
and speaks English most of the time..
When I think about leaving that place, I think about who I'm gonna miss.
I thought about little Natalie.
I'll probably miss her "one upon a time" stories which almost never had an ending.. 
except for that one time where I didn't get to eat the cake that I bought.
But does that even count as an ending?

This kid says the cutest and the silliest things..
Always make me smile and laugh with the thing she says..

Me: Natalie, Where is your house?

Natalie: My house in Malaysia.

Me: (laughs) My House is also in Malaysia.

Natalie: I in one Malaysia.

Me: (laughs again)

Cute, right?
Natalie seemed to really like me.
She likes to high 5 me a lot and tell me I'm pretty.
But her high fives are pretty hard.
Did you actually want to just give me a high 5 or did you want to hurt my hands?
It's a good thing that you're cute.

I remember that day when I made up a story about you.

"Once upon a time there was a little Natalie. She went to buy a cake and she ate it with Kuen Ling!"

"No, I eat with Teacher Farah"

"You want to eat with me? Chocolate cake?"

"Strawberry cake!"

I smiled when you said you wanted to eat the cake with me.
How cute.
You must really like me, huh?
Well, I like you too, Natalie.
You're cute and sweet.
You always make me laugh and smile.
You're my very own little angel.

One time, I was seating while waiting for the kids parents.
Then Natalie...
You came to me and sat on my lap
saying that you wanted to sit on my lap.
Boy, you are very heavy for a five year old.
What did you eat?
A horse?
I was holding my Daily lesson plan book
where I record the outcomes of all of my daily lessons.
Then you took the book and open it and said that you were going to tell me a story.
Oh, but dear Natalie..
That book is not a storybook..
How silly..

"Teacher Farah.."


"You are pretty"

"Thank you. You are pretty too"

Yes, you are pretty too Natalie.
Very pretty.

Very pretty indeed.


Anonymous said...

Teacher-student bondinnnggg
so cute :)

farah said...

hahaha.. aku dmam ari ni msti die trcari- cari mne aku.. hehehe

dyanne said...

alololooo~ comeynyaa!! huhu~

farah said...

kan dyanne.. ade jugak bdk yg ske aku smpai cmtu.. hehehe


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