Friday, July 15, 2011

Be strong for me

I'll be quitting my job as an assistant teacher soon. There's only two more weeks left. I'm gonna miss my kids a lot. Notice what I just did there? I used to write"the kids" but now it's "my kids" because they are my kids. I guess I can understand why they say a teacher is like you second parents. To be honest, I can't wait to quit, I'm tired.. and I want some rest before going back to college. But the thing is I'm kinda worried about one of my students. Her name is Ardini.

She used to be my morning session student but all of my morning students have gone to Teacher Kiran's and Teacher Mani's class after I didn't come to work for three days because I had a fever. Teacher Kiran's will be handling the 5 year olds and Teacher Mani will handle the 6 years old. So now I'll be assisting Teacher Kiran so I still get to see my 5 year old students, Ardini, Haikal and Maisarah. When they were in my class, Ardini was always the slowest one so I always scold her more than I did her friends. But even so, I always tell her and my other students the reason why I always scold them. It's because I love them and I want them to be smart kids. They understood. Well, at least I think they did. Heeeee.. 

Even though, I scold her more than I did her friends, she has always liked me. Maybe because I always hugged her when it's time to go home. I hugged all of them. And maybe because, I'd talk to her. Maybe because she saw my sincerity. Who knows what she's thinking? She always smiles at me when she looks at me and she likes to talk to me. And even while she talks she keeps smiling at me. She seemed happy when I was teaching her but when I came back to work, she wasn't the Ardini I knew. She doesn't smile as much as she did then. I noticed. 

See how happy she was?

Maisarah (left) and Ardini (right)

Maisarah, Haikal and me

The other day, I asked her and Haikal if they missed me. They said that they like it even me more when it was me who was teaching them. Ardini said didn't like teacher Kiran teaching her. She always scold her. The other kids in her class are all very smart and Ardini is very slow so I guess she couldn't take it. I know it kinda be irritating but it's not like she wanted to be that way. At least she's trying. I used to scold her a lot when I was teaching her too but I never made her cry. She cried in front of me and I wiped her tears away. 

I told her that I'm not going to be here any more because I'm going to quit so she has to listen to teacher Kiran when she is teaching and she has to speak louder. Teacher Kiran always scold her because Ardini when she speaks.. It's not loud enough. I think it's because she's scared. When I was teaching her, she can speak loud enough for me to hear. You can't push her too hard. She's only 5.

I hope she'll be strong for me and not cry all the time when I'm not there for her.. Be strong for me, Ardini...

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