Monday, July 12, 2010

SHINee Update


Ok, I know you guys have been complaining about 
all those posts about SHINee
but Adibah keeps requesting them and 
her request are way more important than your
complaints.. Get that Syaza n Bella?
Anati, please understand.
I have noticed that you don't like
to comment on many of those SHINee posts.
Don't thimk that I didn't notice it.

I know that Adibah has been busy. Therefore, she didn't have 
time to keep up on the updates about SHINee.
She even fell sick the other day.
And I know that SHINee can lift her spirit up 
and make her all happy and cheerful.
You guys all are familiar with her girly and rather
loud scream when she sees Onew's pictures or videos of him.

She'll forget all about her stress and simply put on a smile.
SHINee is like her medicine and her strengh.
(did I spell that correctly?)
So please understand.
(Why am I so serious? you guys were just kidding
with your complaints, right)

Anyway, Dibah wanted me to post more pictures
of SHINee's comeback.
Even though Nash has already post them in her blog,
I'll post those pictures here too since Dibah requested 
I post them here.

Okay, Key's picture just came out yesterday, I think.
I was a bit surprised by his new image.
Onew's image was okay.
I know Dibah has been waiting for that picture
to come out,
I can't see his face!!!

I wonder what Nash will react to this..

So Dibah, what do you think?
He doesn't look like a good boy anymore now, does he?

You really like this picture, don't you Nash?

So that is all. I hope Dibah 
is happy with this.
By the way, I wasn't totally against Taemin's concept.
To be honest, I actually liked it..
He looked more matured in a way.
But ofcourse, I don't want him to keep such a long hair,
It's just for the album.
I like it in an artistic way, I guess.

Oh, before I forget, Today was my speaking test,
I was the fourth person to present my speech.
Damn my name that starts with an F.
Mr. UD called the students according to their names on the list.
I did okay, I guess. I didn't pause too long except at the last part
where I had to conclude my speech.
But my speech was short. I think I did it 
less than 3 minutes.
Well, I was supposed to give my speech within too manutes anyway.
Oh yeah, good luck on your speaking test tomorrow, Nash.
By the way, Next Sunday is Taemin's birthday!!!
Lets celebrate it together, Nash and Adibah!!!

P/s: I might have to write most of my posts in English in
order to practice my writing skills.

Credits to allkpop and Nash too~



bellalala said...

weh haha kte sbnrnya x ksh pn
sbb ape nk tau
kte phm obsesi tu
sbb mcm tu la kte mula2
so xde bndanya ah. haha
mgkn sbb kte knl shnee
tp yg memg xtau pape psl kpop2 ni yg rse mcm boring ckit kot

btw, kte bnci gler gmbr jghyun tu!
ergh! tah pape ah

farah said...

kte taw la awk main2.. hahahah.. kte bkn serius pun la.. bg gmpak je.. hahaah.. dibah 2 x abis2 suro aku post gmbr SHINee la.. aku post je la..

farah said...

gmbr jonghyun.. x nmpk mke die la.. weh, klas dh abis kexde klas ari ni?

bellalala said...

sbb tu kte x sk gmbr dia
ada ke tnjuk sexy back je. haha
kls ada pg n ptg la so blk jap

adibah loves onew said...


(sorry tk sedar kte tulis dlm font besar)

tapi terima kasih bebanyak sbb post kan utk kte..tq very much..kte tk sempat nk buat research pasal diorang..kene tunggu habis exam..end of this month..

ok,thanks again kte dh kurang stress kte..n kte jerit (cm biasa) bila nmpk gmbr onew..dia nmpk bad boys..yeahhhh!! image dia dulu cm budak2 sikit tapi kte ske ni..nmpk manly ~ yeah!! heeee..

my hubby~

anati said...

i'm sorry....

anati said...

it's not that i DON'T LIKE to comment on ur post..

kekadang tu x tau apa yg patot kita nk ckp... sbb it is always about korean thing..nnti tersalah msk..lain lak jdnya..haha malu sih!

n klau post kita lak, klau awk x nk komen pon xpe ar..kita just nk share cter je. x hrp tok lak bercerita..hehe..

farah said...

hahah.. anati awk ingt kte serius ke? relek ah.. bg gmpak skit..

farah said...

bella: bestnye dpt blk ptg. kte x blk. jauh kot.. pnat ah nk naik bas blk lps 2 dtg blk naik bas lg.. kalo xde bas naik teksi.. byk btol duit aku.. hahahaha

Dibah: hahaha.. 2 ah.. onew nmpk cm bad boy skit kn..

Anonymous said...

wonder how will nash react to this (Key's picture)?
OMGODDD! Damn! HOT, HOT, HOT! ahaha

but Jonghyun's...ahhhhh~
I think I'll be dead by the next 5 minutes XD


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