Friday, July 16, 2010

Onew's Look-a-like


I had breakfast with Nash, Nadia, Mai and Dira today.
Nash n Nadia told me that they saw a korean who looked like
SHINee's Onew!!!
I was so jealous of them.
He smiled amd said hi to Nadia.
She's so lucky..
Munir was with us when we had this conversation.
He said that Minho's look-a-like
isn't here because he's too cute to be in Malaysia.
Yeah, he likes Minho but he's not gay.

I text messaged Bella today.
She asked if wether  I've seen SHINee's cover for their 
latest album.
I didn't even know the picture was already out
so I went to the  computer lab n searched.

What do yuo think?
Cool, huh?
Why is the album's name "Lucifer"?
It's probably because of their concept.
I like Taemin's picture and that tatoo on his face.
He looks like a character from a fantasy novel or something.

Lets hope that this album will be a success
like their other albums did.

SHINee Hwaiting!!!

We support you!!!

Love the songs!!!


Taemin looks so handsome!!!

Credits to Allkpop ,Utube, heiseifansub1 and smsjazzrocks~


Anonymous said...

hahaha. munir pn msuk ^^
but yeah, minho's too cute to be found in malaysia XDD

oh2, FYI,
Lucifer doesn't means Satan/something along that line.
As discussed before,
SHINee's album is a concept of greek/european mythology.
From greek dictionary;
Luc = light
fer = carry
Therefore, Lucifer means one who carries light ^^

farah said...

Yes, Nash u have told me that before in your room.. hahahha.. love the concept. Taemin ensem gler!!!!


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