Friday, July 9, 2010



Why did they do this to my Taemin?
To OUR Taemin??!!!

Weh, rmbut taemin mcm pempuan.
Image die..
Apsal gmbr comeback cmni?
SM, what did you do to him?
To our precious Taemin?
Weh, Dibah..
Cm pmpuan kn?
Nash, lbih baik rmbut mushroom je kn?
Cmne dgn key n jonghyun?

*Sob sob sob*

Xpe ah..
Kira ok la ni..
Gmbr Minho lg la pelik tp ade abs la..

Serius, plik gler gmbr ni..
Konsep die agk plik but whatever ah..

Cmne dgn yg len?

Dang dang dang...

*music suspens*

Eh, gmbr2 mmber2 len lom kuar lg an, Nash?

Credits to allkpop~


syazaza ;] said...

U've been posting too much bout sHINEE

maybe sbb xde benda nk post dh?
Anyway, just a complain from a loyal blog reader.

P/s: minho is always hot. Haha

bellalala said...

ok stop cite psl shinee skang!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. nmpaknyer rmai dh complaint. keke.

but farah, as to answer your question..onew dh kluar smalam. pkai headband =,=

today gmba jonghyun/key akn kluar
(tp nash rase jonghyun).

p/s: am i the crazy one for liking taemin's new image?

adibah loves onew said...

weh farah..kte tk ske image bru taemin..weh..postkan pasal onew lak..heeeee...

farah said...

I have to post about SHINee. Dibah is always requesting it.. so.. what am I going to do? U know Nash, I'm actually growing to like Taemin's new image.. Atleast he doesn't have to wear a red indian hat or whatever they call it.. hahaha.. sorry fellow bloggers.. but adibah's requests is more important than your complaints.. She's my friend and I know she's been busy lately so she needed that SHINee doze to lift her spirit up. Hope u understand

farah said...

adibah kte sbnrnye xde ah against sgt dgn image taemin pun.. i kinda like it in an artistic way since the concept is a bit mystical, I guess... but of course aku xnk ah die rmbut pnjg je dlm khidupan biasa je.. that would be too weird


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