Thursday, July 15, 2010

Group Photo!!!


It's finally out!!!
Their group photo!!!


(Adibah if you are looking at this picture please don't scream to loud)

Taemin's hair is so long.
Is tat really his hair or is he wearing extension?
Probably extensions, right?


Minho's hair is short now.
What is their concept, anyway?
Their image this time look so different.
Much more manly, I guess.
They're not those cute little boys anymore.
But I do hope Taemin stays cute.
I like how he is naturally cute and not
trying to hard to be cute
and how he still can be full of charisma when he is
performing despite his cute personality.
Love him!!!

As handsome as ever!!!
Jonghyun always looks manly ever
since he debuted.
I love listening to him singing.
I hope he has a solo in this album
and a duet with Onew too.
Perhaps Nash would prefer it to be
a duet with Key instead.
She simply adores Jongkey.

What do you think?
I can't see his face clearly in tjis picture though.
In fact I can't see all of the members' faces clearly.
Oh, well..

There will be 9 songs in their new album which will
be released on the 19th.
That's a day after Taemin's birthday
which is on the 18th.
He gets to celebrate his birthday and the release of
SHINee's new album.
What a great birthday present.
I wonder what his hyungs will give him.
What will Minho give him?
Me? I'd like to give him a kiss on the cheek!!
Ofcourse, many girl fans would like to do that too.

Anyway, I read an article from allkpop that Minho
is recovering fast from his calf injury
with physical therapy.
Hope that he recovers soon.
I'm sure a lot of fans are worrying about him.
Don't worry he is the flaming gharisma
of the group.
He'll overcome this.
Go Minho!!!
Minho Hwaiting!!

Goodluck on your new album, guys!!!
SHINee hwaiting!!

P/s: Sorry for posting about SHINee again. I just
can't help it. Pls understand.. Ok, Syaza?


bellalala said...

aku x sgka pnjg btol rmbut taemin!
ei kte prasan ah
sjak 2pm bjaya, byk grup nk bwk imej manly
2pm! i love u!

adibah loves onew said...

like always~ kte jerit tgk gmbr tu..
too loud..haha..

kte tk ske imej taemin gak.. tapi pape onew looks hot n manly~ kyaa~
i love u onew~ hahaha

seriously. btw, farah thanks sbb update pasal shinee. huhu

DUBdap said...

pnjg gilaaa rmbut taemin!
mcm pompuan jelita!

farah said...

bella: 2pm!! mmg manly!! hahaha.. tp sengal ah video parody u're beautiful.. comel gler!!

farah said...

dibah: taemin pnye rmbut pnjg sgt tringat yg heechul dlu pnah wat rmbut ikat cm taemin gak mse dlu2 pnye vid.. vid ape ek? yg lirik die can't stop thinking about u girl 2 ke?

farah said...

dupdap: jelita? hahah..

Anonymous said...

kyahhH! HOT GLER!
hahaha, but yeah.


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