Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Chance

No one understands how much this heart hurts inside,
How much pain this heart has to bear,
How cruel this heart was treated...

But it's okay if they don't understand,
Because all I need is you,
All I need is you to understand,
How much it hurts inside,
How much you're hurting me,
That's all I need,
Do you understand?

Do you know that it hurts to love you?
It realy hurts when you look the other way,
When I'm looking at you,
When I'm trying my hardest to show you how much I love you,
Do you know how cruel you're treating me?
Honestly, do you not know,
How much it hurts to love you so much?
Do you really not know?

You're always ignoring my love,
Always trying to push me away,
Never giving me a chance,
How could you be so cruel,
To this weak heart,
That is loving you,
How could you do this to me?
How could you be so heartless?
Don't I mean anything to you?
Am I that unimportant to you?

But I'm the one to blame,
For loving you so much,
I shouldn't blame you,
But still it hurts too much,
That you're always ignoring me,
Always pushing me away...

But could you atleast understand,
How much it hurts,
And try to give me a chance,
Just one chance..
That's all I'm asking...

PS: Dpt inspirasi mse dgr lgu "Won't Let You Go Even If I Die" by 2AM.

Tp ni bkn luahan prasaan aku. Ni psl prasaan seorg laki trhdp pmpuan ni.
Yep. Kira aku la reka laki 2. Hehehe...


Diaries said...

waa!! Very nice..

mendalam oo mksd dia...

weh,jeles giler awk dpt tulis bnyk2..

n cpt gak awk dpt ilham...adoii

kte payah arr nk dpt ilham..huh


Diaries said...

kte kne ade melodi lgu utk ade ilham 2...


Diaries said...

tp an jiwa yg poetic bkn sng sgt kot cuz mcm trlalu emo je
kte pun slalu murung je..



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