Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Why must life be so hard?
Especially at this age?
I keep experiencing some emotional breakdowns.
Meaningless emotional breakdowns..
Been feeling unsatisfied with my life..
Been thinking of my future..
What should I do?
What should I be?
Don't want to end up leading the life I hate.
Worried about getting older n not getting to achieve my dream.

What was I destined for anyway?
Wish I knew...
I hate this feeling..
First I had to deal with heart break..
Then some other thing I can't tell u about...
Now this...
All of these problems are making me depressed.
So unfair.
Sometimes or maybe most of the time I can't even
smile n laugh without feeling sad inside..
I can't even enjoy my youth this way
let alone life...
So depressing..


syazaza ;] said...

ini mcm meaningless depression..

awk kene tahu apa nk buat dengan hidup awk je... rancang la masa depan!

about ur heart break.. err.. kte xtau apa so xleh nk tolong ^_^

bellalala said...

cuba jd mc kte
wlapun dlm kdaan yg x sesuai

awk kna pksa dri awk sbnrnya
kte dh pnh lalui
n sbab bbrapa thun kte pksa, push n pjuk dri kte la kte puas dgn khdupn kte
kna blajar ah utk rse puas tu

Diaries said...

wah... kte taw awk paham bella...
Awk pernh rse pe yg kte rse an.. huhu..
xsgke prob awk sme dgn kte. Thanx ah bg advise kt ym mse 2.
Atleast I know I'm not alone.
U r not alone..
Dlu awk slalu nyanyi lgu 2 kt kte.. Hehehe.. Rpe;rpenye awk yg tmn.. adibah n anati pun thanx gak ah..


syazaza ;] said...

and jgn ingt kte x memahami.
sbb memahami la kte rasa mcm klakar bila kenang blk kte ni mcm ni dulu. haha

seriously.. i think it is all in your head.

mcm bella ckp tu..
awk kene rasa PUAS HATI.

actually, kte pun selalu rasa tak puas hati dgn diri sendiri n life kte...

oh ye, kte TETIBE rasa depressed bila baca blog ni. awk tau x emotion tu berjangkit??

bila kte tgk org menangis, kte rasa nk menangis.

bila org happy, kte tumpang gembira utk dia...

bila kawan kita heartbroken, kte boleh rasa kesedihan dia..

haish... hmm.. kte rasa kte minat psychology :P


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