Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He Says She Says


"  To her, he'll change for her if he truly loves her.

But to him, she won't ask him to change if she truly loves him  "

     The men like to say that women are just complicated but to women, men are just TOO complicated for them to understand. What is simple to women is complicated to men and what is simple to men is complicated to women. In other words, men and women are just too different from each other. The way they think, the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they look at each other.. they're just different. One of the reasons why they're perfect for each other. You know what they say, opposites attracts.

      Because we're so different from each other, maybe that's why we're always argue with each other and it always starts because of a small matter. For example, the girl is jealous when the guy talks to other girls or the guy didn't notice that the girl just cut her hair or had a manicure. (Really girls, really? Hahah) But sometimes, these kind of silly, little argument are what makes the relationship grows stronger. Is it? I could be wrong. I'm just babbling here. Hahaha! It's okay to have these kind of silly arguments only if it didn't end up in a big fight because then it'll become a big problem. But then again, you'll make up. So no harm done.

      There are many situations where guys feels like girls just don't understand them and it really annoys them. But, guys, you don't understand us either so what's all the fuss about. We're even.  

Situation 1: The Question

Girl: Did you notice anything different about me today?
Guy: (Didn't even so much as glance at the girl) You cut your hair? No, wait, you lost weight! Yep, that's it! You lost some weight! 
Girl: You didn't even look at me.. (starts to get angry) I just had a manicure and I didn't wear any make up today because you said you like a girl who takes cares of her nails and who doesn't wear any make up on her face because she feels confident of her looks. How cold you not notice? (starts to go on a rampage)

Opinion: Guys, you should at least look at the girl before giving any comments. Yeah, maybe it's not easy for you guys to actually notice anything different about your girl but at least try to notice it. To you she's already beautiful and you feel there's no need for her to dress up and try to look pretty for you. You feel that it's a bit irritating when she ask that dreadful question: Did you notice anything different about me today? because you know everything you say is the wrong answer. Yeah, that's true but to her, she's never enough for you and she just wants to be more than what you deserve. That's why she's trying really hard to make herself better so at least try to understand her. Tell her she's beautiful even if you didn't notice that she didn't wear any make up that day.  And girls, just because the guy did't notice you just got a manicure, don't get all worked up over it and went on a rampage. It's just one little thing that he didn't notice about you. But then again, maybe he did notice but pretends not to because to him, you look adorable when you're angry. HAHAHAHA!!!

And girls, don't ever think that you are never enough for him because if he truly loves you,
then to him, you are PERFECT!!

Situation 2: The Green Monster

Girl: Why were you talking to that girl again?
Guy: She was asking me if I could help her with her assignment.
Girl: And you believed her?
Guy: Oh, come on. Not again. We already talked about this. She's only a friend.
Girl: To you, she may be only a friend but who knows what you mean to her.. Bla bla bla (goes on a rampage)


Guy: Why are you smiling at my friend?
Girl: I was just being nice. Is that so wrong?
Guy: No, you were't. You were practically flirting with the guy?
Girl: What? That's ridicilous... blablabla..

(and it goes on)

Opinion: Yeah.. Sometimes, jealousy happens. If you never get jealous, then something is definitely wrong with you. It's normal to get jealous but if it happens too frequently, it can be unhealthy. Jealousy can sometimes be a poison in a relationship (badjet Dr. Love skjp). It's different when a girl and a guy gets jealous. I'm not sure whether guys get jealous more easily than girls or the other way round. But I think girls just like to make their guy jealous. Hahaha! I think guys don't usually admit that he's jealous because, you know.. with the egoistic attitude and all. And if he gets jealous, he looses. Am I right, guys. But guys, even though you don't admit it and try to act all cool and macho, yeah.. it kinda shows (that you're totally jealous). To a girl, when the guy she likes gets jealous when she's talking to another guy, her heart is probably screaming with joy because that means the guy likes her back. So I guess, girls really like to make the guy they like jealous. Hmmmmm..... But don't do that too often, girls. Your guy might get hurt, you know. They may pretend to be okay with it but who knows what they're feeling inside, right? And what if He did the same to you. How would you feel? You'd probably get angry with him. Am I right? And boys, try not to get jealous too easily and if you do get jealous don't pretend not to be and act all cool and macho. Talk about to that person and work it out. That way all that ill feeling in your relationship will go away (badjet Dr. Love lg skali).

Situation 3: Need Space

Girl: Why didn't you pick the phone last night?
Guy: I was hanging out with my friends.
Girl: And you didn't even bother to pick up and tell me that you couldn't talk? I was worried sick. I thought something bad happened to you.
Guy: Well, I'm okay, aren't I? And besides you called just to tell me you missed me. Nothing important. (shrugs)
Girl: Not important? (gets really, really angry and walks away)
Boy: (Gets angry to and shouts at the girl as she's walking away) Oh, come on! What are you mad at me for? You're the one who wouldn't give me any space! Can you not be without me just one day? Hah! Probably NOT!!

Why do boys say hurtful things they don't even mean? Really, boys? Really?

Opinion: Boys and their space. Never ever, ever, EVER, come between them and their space. I guess boys just don't like it when girls become too clingy.. Or do they? When a girl like s a boy and I mean not just like but more to love, she thinks about him 24/7. Hahahah!! Well, not literally. Come on, that's ridiculous. What I mean is, we tend to think of the boy we like a lot. So boys, that is why your girl keeps calling you or texting you every single day and asks questions which are to you are silly but to them, it means a lot that you answer those silly questions. Yeah... Girls are like that. So don't get mad at them just because they miss you every single minute of the day. It just means that they're thinking of you. It doesn't hurt to at least reply their messages and answer their calls, right? But if it gets too much, just tell them gently. They'll understand. Because sometimes, they don't realize just how many times they've been texting and calling you in one day. Tell them. There's no need to say hurtful things that you don't even mean. And yeah, maybe sometimes your girl would complain about you spending too much time with the guys but the the thing is you just don't understand how jealous she is of the people who get to see you every single day.

       So people, men and women may be different but sometimes, they need to put those differences aside to let love in. Cewah! Badjet je aku ni.. WAHAHAH!!!!

Love is complicated.

P/s:  Did you know?


       Lol. I just think this is funny. To all cat lovers, please do not be offended. 

P/p/s:  Last night, I dreamed that I made you a hot chocolate wit mushmallow in it. Hahah!!! What the heck??


If this entry offended anyone in any way, I apologize.


bellalala said...

hahahha gmbr kucing tu sooo true

bg kte, suruh change bkn sbb x cinta
sbbkan sgt cinta la suruh change
klu dlm pcntaan x mntk change, xkan parents kte sume still together right?

love is not about accepting everything =p

farah said...

ewah2! bella.. jiwang2 gitu.. tu la kannn.. tp cmne la kn maybe laki mmg pk cmtu kot

fns/fatin/froggie said...

yea,all the points are indeed true.we can't really expect that guys understand us,the so-called complicated creatures haha

yg bawah sekali tu,mesti mun asyik fikir psl dia,tu yang masuk dlm mimpi tu XD

farah said...

hahahahahahah... wah! fenes cmne ko taw aku ckp psl sape yg last tu.. wahahah!! terer ah.. haha

adibahhh said...

bhgian mimpi awk tu tak leh bla -,-"

btw,kte jd peminat post awk ar fara. mkin best lak cara penyampaian awk.
persoalannya bila kte nk post?
hurmm.. tunggu ada idea eh?
oh nye bella, jiwang kot! tak leh bla.

farah said...

2 la en diba.. sengal je mmpi tuh.. pastu bkak2 rtumblr en blambak pulak gmbr hot chocolate with mushmallows kt dashboard en.. apekah? hahah.. pminat? wah! sye ade fan maa.. hehehe.. kte slalu dpt idea nk post entry dr gmbr n ayt2 kt tumblr tu.. hoho.. yumblr la insipirasi ku.. cewah! trbaik!

Anonymous said...

okay, kau langsung tak ada pengalaman,
but you know much more than I am?
seriously? Aku jealous huhu.

Part berubah tu. bukan sebab kita tak dapat terima dia.
but sometimes, we just want them to change into a better person.
for an example, the guy smokes.
smoking is hazardous right?
so the girl asks him to stop for the sake of his health.
At times, change is needed.

And, kenapa setiap situasi yang kau tulis macam kena mengena dengan apa aku mengadu dekat kau?? HAHA

farah said...

nash: Wahahahah!!! aku sbnrnye main bantai je tulis.. mrepek je.. aku bknnye taw sgt pun.. kah3.. tu ah en.. aku pun mse tlis cm byk gak situasi mcm ape yg hang mngadu.. hahah.. kira mybe aku byk blajr dr ko la kot.. hahah.. tp anda x kisah kn? kekeke..

anati said...

hehehe..ske plak bce conversation tu. best! n kelakar. btw, cre awk tulis cam sonny tgh ckp dgn chad. setiap kali bce msti dgr suare dia. kelakar kot! hahaha.. anyway, nice!

farah said...

eh, yeke? awat mcm sonny? haha... conversations tu ke mcm sonny and chad?


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