Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haven Learning

Yesterday was my first day working at Haven Learning Centre.
I had to wake up really early in the morning.
It was dreadful.
I didn't get enough sleep the night before.
I kept waking up every hour.
I remember waking up 3 a.m to the sound of my ringtone 
and it was diba.
She miscalled me at 3 a.m in the morning???!!!
Trtekan la 2..
Aih, kacau org tdo je diba ni..
I was really nervous that day.
Whan I got there, I didn't know what to do so I just sat down and wait.
Then kak Diyana instructed me to go downstairs with her.

Early in the morning..
A teacher has to wait downstairs for the kids to come
and then go to their cars, hold their cute little hands and bring them to the door.
It's for safety, I guess..
I think the first hand I held that day was Reza's.
He's my favourite student.
So cute!!
He looked a lot like my friend, Mikey.

It was an exhausting day..
I couldn't wait to go home and go to Jusco
to celebrate Diba's birthday but 
unfortunately, there was a meeting..
What? A meeting?
On my first day?
I had to go back late and ended not going to Diba's little birthday party.
Wuwuwuwu... ToT
It was raining heavily outside when the meeting was over
and it was time to go home..
The next morning, I didn't feel so well..
Demam dh ni.. tp demam2 pun gi keje ari ni..

Today was my second day..
I was so happy I got to hold Reza's cute little hand again..
I want to hug that boy so much.
And I got to see hime smile today..
that boy rarely smile and he doesn't talk much
but today, I heard his voice..
So cute..
During recess, when everyone was eating,
Reza offered me his Tiger biscuits..
Yay!!! \(^o^)/
Too bad I don't like biscuits..

I followed him around all day.. 
and he kept looking at me and I kept smiling at him..
he must think I'm weird..
Can I ever have a son like that?
Lmbat lg la farah..
lek luuu..

There's also this cute Chinese boy.
I like him.
He's really friendly.
Before class starts.. the kids have to dance.
Hehehe.. I usually would dance with the students in the morning..
(bdk2 wktu pg rmai n ade Reza.. heheheh)
I always stand at the back with reza..
Wah!!! I'm stalker.

Anyway, this Chinese's boy name is Sijay or something..
I don't know how to spell it.
He's a funny boy.
The other teachers like to bully him a lot.
Like today, when he was making noise while playing ..
The teacher asked him "who wplayed the slides/"
and he lied and said that it was Alif.
Teacher Diyana threatned him (bkn la serius btol2)
 that she would cut his tongue with the scissors
she was holding if he was lying..
He looked lie he was about to cry..
Then Teacher Kiren told him to plead and said 'sorry, teacher"
(dgn tgn mrayu2 lg)
and he did..
Then he said "I love you teacher" and
hugged her.
He was so cute!!!
I'm so lucky I get to hold his hand everyday, right?


adibahhh said...

tak aci, awk ajar bdk comel. huhu. jeles~~~~~~ haha.

tunggu kawin ar nk anak laki. haha

and sorry kte rasa kte nk ckp something ngn awk time tu? bkn buat miskol tp bila dh tekan kte bru teringt mesti awk dh tdo. tp tk ingt kenapa kte nk kol.

and ag 1 kte sedih giler awk tk dpt dtg. serious;y kte balik rumah hmpir nk nngis.

farah said...

dh 2 cmne... dh kte keje.. ade meeting pe sume.. len kli pun leh jmpe enn.. hah.. bdk sijay tu bru kte taw nme die eja Zhi Jie.. bru btoi

Nadia Mok2 said...

bestnya!! senyum je bca apa yg ko tulis.. mesti sgt bahagia jd cikgu tadika kn.. bleh layan bdk2 yg comel n bleh hilang penat dpat tgk diowg main2.. >.<

farah said...

penat kot keje situ.. tp sronok tgk prangai bdk2 tu.. klakr pun ade.. comey pun ade


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