Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My non identical twin


I just want to declare something to the people out there
in cyber worlds of course. I want .... to ... confess....
s  o  m  e  t  h  i  n  g  ....

Just stop it adibah, just go to the main point..
Okayy, I just want to introduced my non identical twin

That person is..

Myra Rosman :)

I meet her at Center for foundation studies International Islamic
University Malaysia. Roomate of my classmates,Lia Pakhri
She has very similar with my characters, I mean very similar what I like
and dislike, just that she can live without kicap that's the main differences
between me and Myra. 

She even like to laugh on silly things, kpop maniac, karaoke lovers,
shawl lovers, take pictures especially self potrait.
Even for her birhtday she like to eat cake from secret recipe, chocolate indulgence.
Urghh! I really love that cake until anati said 'diba u should try another cake
beside chocolate indulgence'

I think most of us know I just celebrated my 19th birthday,3 May 2011
as for her she celebrated on 15 May 2011. Even our mom's birthday is
just differences with one day. OHH yeahhh!

Next, I really want you to know this thank you because you're
always there for me and give the best support and encourage me!

Myra Rosman you're such a photogenic girl, next year at Gombak
you MUST be my model, I want to be proffesional photographer.

I love to see your pictures :) Such a photogenic girl :)

Myra Rosman's profile picture(facebook)

I like this pic the most :)



farah said...

msti fashionista nih... hahah

shengy said...

cute girl

LivingShed said...

good for you

adibahhh said...

kte dh lantik myra jd penasihat fashion kte masa kat gombak nnti

shengy n living Shed:
thank you!


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