Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Am What I Am

   Aku taw yg sbnrnye ade bbrape kwn aku yg kutuk aku kt blakang tp aku x rpt pun dgn depe. Thy don,t even know me that well n yet they judge me so harshly. aku rase sdih n trluka dgn kutukn depe. Xsgka depe ckp cmtu psl aku. What did I ever do 2 them? I realise that maybe they don't like some of  the things that I do but they could tell me about it politely. Mgkin aku ada wat ksalahan tp aku xsedar. After all, I'm only human. Like all human beings, I'm not perfect! I make mistakes too. A LOT.

   If they really r my friends they would understand. Walaubagaimanapun, depe ttp kwn aku. But it's hard. Ble aku ckp dgn depe msti teringat ape yg depe ckp psl aku. Depe bkn saje kutuk aku di antara depe je tp depe kutuk aku kt org len gak. Mmburukkan nme aku. klau depe nk judge aku pun, ske ati depe la but please try to get to know me first. Ble dh btul2 knal aku then u can judge me. That way, it would be fair.

                                                          AM    I    RIGHT?

  I should forgive them though. Well, like I said, nobody's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. So all of u out there, remember this. Never judge a persou without getting to know them first because looks can often be deceiving n u don't want to hurt other people's feelings especially when they're ur friends. A person is a person no matter what they do or look like. They have feelings. Feelings that could get hurt by harsh words.


I am what I am. I can't help myself and if u don't like it, well, go to somebody else. I'll never change my ways. It's not a phase. This is how it is n this is how it's gonna stay because I am what I am. I know what I'm not. I'm not the type of girlwho doesn't know what she's got n I won't back down. Won't come around. Say I'm not changing cuz I know what's going down. Cuz I know where ever I go, I know where I stand. I am what I am.  - by jonas brothers tp aku ubah skit-


SaRra-BeLla-AniSs said...

kat perenggan akhir tu ternyanyi ckit

faradibah said...

ni sape? Bella ek?


faradibah said...

dibah said:

weh,fara post ni pasal sape plak??
ada kaitan ngan geng kte or geng belah sana??
ala..faham2 jer la geng mana..
wei!! bg taw lar!!

faradibah said...

fara,edit skit awk punyer post ni terutama colour dia..terlalu terang sampai susah nak baca lar..
kat blog ni kte ada bnyk buat perubahan so rajin2 kan la tgk ek..
kalo awk nk tukar pun kte xkesah,xkn kte je nk tukar..bkn blog kte sorang ni..


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