Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Class


Yesterday was my first class.
I'm not going to say that I love it because it wasn't that great.
I didn'y get to be inthe same class as Nash.
Why must we part ways?


Oh yeah, it turned out that the boys n girls are going to study together.
Thank God I'm not in the same class as Hassan!!!
What a relief.
Yesterday, I had to stay in intec (that's where my faculty is) from morning
until about 6 in the evening!!
It was so tiring...
The lectures were okay, I guess.
IIt was my first day and already I was given an assignment.
What the heck??!!

The lectures were okay.
Of course the ones I've met so far are not as handsome as
Sarah's Physics lecturer.
I think... since I've never met him.
Sarah, show us his picture,
How in the world is she going to take his picture?
Stalk him?
Sounds like somethinh Adibah would do.
Just kidding!

Anyway, about yesterday.. I felt sad when I had to walk alone
to buy dinner. I'm not that close with my room mates.
I missed Adibah at that moment.
Something funny happened. I ordered nasi goreng paprik n then went to Bank Islam.
Since ther were more than one restaurant there and they all loke similar, went to a different restaurant an order another nasi goreng paprik.
I thought it was the same restaurant I came before.

As I was walking to the dorm I realized that
I went to a different restaurant so I went back
and bought the food that I ordered.
I gave that one to Nash..
That night I went to her room and talked about SHINee..
It was fun..

My day ended with laughs..


bellalala said...

weh bce awk tulis ni mcm sdih je hdup awk
mcm awk sgt prlu nash tu utk lps gian

adibah said...

farah...weh,awk kene adapt diri awk cepat2..huhu...jgn buat cm ni..sedih kte..huhu...

pape buat terbaik TESL especially assignment..jgn dpt B..tk nk tgk awk tukar course..

pape kte yakin awk boleh:0

farah said...

haha.. bkn xleh adapt.. kte dh ade rmai kwn tp kwn2 kte bkn sme blk dgn kte so ble mlm cm x best ah ble dgn room mate. kte td smpai bsing2 kt library dgn kwn2 kte. best ah bdk tesl rpenye.. rpe2nye bdk laki tesl not so bad.. kteorg bru je knal tp cm dh lme kwn

anati said...

kan kita dh ckp dlu...bdk tesl ade yg lwk...ingt x?? aduhai!! fara bole punye adapt...change mind set awk..insyaAllah, semua ok..yeah!! go fara!!


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